General Payments Report

Payable Book Report

Payable Book Report


Due Payable Book Report


Suppliers Settlement Sheet


Delegates/Representatives Payments List


Payments & Receivables Detailed Report (Cash, Checks, Future Sales, Future Purchases)

Receivables Program

  • Defining all Receivables connecting it with the Main Frame
  • Defining Receipts Journals used by Receivables
  • Defining all types of Deductions & connecting it with the Accounts
  • Defining all types of Bank Deposits
  • Establishing a manual for the Safes used by cash receivables & Networks, & connecting it with the PCs & determining the Opening Balance
  • Establishing a complete manual for the Banks in mutual business & connecting it with the General Accounts, Collection Fee & Banking Expenses
  • Printing Cash Receipts & Checks by the software
  • Determining Destination (Deal Destination, Account, Deposit Safe, Bank)
  • Connecting Receivables with the Cash Deposit transaction & Networks
  • Clearing that connects Receivables & Outputs in all types to reach total & detailed debts lifespan reports segmented into ….Month, 2 Months……..6 Months & up.
  • Full cycle to follow up with received checks.
  • Reports.

Software Company was established in 2004 by a large group of engineers and accountants specialized in designing distinguished accounting programs for businesses to meet the local and Arabian market needs



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