Sales Diary Report:

Sales Diary Report:

Sales Journal Sales Journal Net (Including collectables on bills) Bills book itemized and Total Price Quotations Report

Representatives/Delegates Reports

Representatives/Delegates Reports

Representatives/Delegates agents’ Report Selling Price in comparison to Price Lists Representatives/Delegates Monthly Sales Representatives/Delegates Commissions

Clients’ Accounts Reports

Clients’ Accounts Reports

Clients Auditioning Balance Clients’ Account Statement Itemized/Detailed Account Statement(Including Sold Categories) Account Billing Statement(Countering Bills to Collection) Debt Lifecycle Analysis Clients’ Credit Limit Auditioning


Sales Reports:

Sales Report (Total/Detailed) Comparing Selling Prices to Buying Prices Detailed Billing Taxation Detailed Billing Discounts Detailed Billing Expenses Periodic Clients’ Sales Periodic Categories Sales Average Categories Selling Prices


Profitability Reports:

Total Sold Categories Profitability Sold Categories Billing Profitability(Detailed) Representatives/Delegates Sales Profitability


Supplying Orders Reports:

Supplying Orders Report (Total/Detailed) Comparing between Supplying Orders & which is Done by Billing

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